‘Turn the Page…Let the Story Begin…’

It all began one summer Sunday afternoon when the phone rang in our home. We were in full swing with an impromptu party that had grown organically throughout the day. The year was 1992. ‘I am pregnant,’ my 48-year-old sister said in excitement, ‘and I am getting married in 2 months in South Africa. Please come to the wedding.’

Of course I had to be there. The day was perfect. Sparkling wine flowed and I have to say that I did enjoy a glass or three. Maybe that was why I said yes without hesitation to a request from an old work colleague to take Zulu jewellery back to the UK. I was a senior lecturer and head of department for Biology for Nursing at Oxford Brooks University at the time. We had five children at home.

A very anxious husband got me a stand at the gift fair in London. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey of meeting Hazel, who owned an Image Training Academy, speaking at her conference and training with her. I was so successful that by 1995 I started training for her and four years later, after a family tragedy ended her company, I opened my own Academy.

Looking back my success and change in career all came about because I was willing to say “yes”  and then follow up what I had promised. I also follow and trust my instincts but back them up with theory and I love working with people. My passion, well that’s easy….I never feel more satisfaction that I do when I have inspired others to achieve.

– Lynne Nicoll, 2013 –

Lynne is the founder of The Style Alchemist and a Fellow Member of The Federation of Image Professionals (FIPI). She works with all aspects of the image market and her training programmes are accredited with City & Guilds London. In 2012 she completed two years on the FIPI board as Director of  Events, Education and Development.