Does your nightwear express the real you?

People’s choice in nightwear often reveals more about their inner desires than we realise. Take for example my sister….By 5.30am she dons on her first uniform – her jodhpurs. From 9-5pm her work clothes suit her job – the classical look of a pharmacist. But at night she slips into a shirt she would never wear during the day. Her eyes sparkle as she talks about the pin tucks and embroidery and then in a dreamy voice she talks lovingly about a 1920’s vintage outfit she once wore and her lacy country wedding dress. Her lifestyle is more important than her need to wear the clothes she loves except at night and “high days”.

My daughter is different. She has a great desire for wealth and the good things in life. At night she drops off her mumsy clothes only to deck herself in silk and satin.

My greatest desire in life is freedom – I choose to wear no night clothes at all.

Who do you express at night? Boss to slob…city slicker to flannelette….housewife to sex bomb. Take a moment to absorb and internalise what this means for you.

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