‘Feel and look amazing today, tomorrow and through the changes of life.’
– Lynne Nicoll, Founder of The Style Alchemist

We invite you to come along a journey with us here at The Style Alchemist where you will learn a great deal about you.  You will learn how to choose your clothes and how to look great. We want you to indulge yourself, challenge yourself, open yourself up and enjoy the ride.

We will be there backing up your experiences with theory and offering new and exciting ways to discover your uniqueness. I bet you are wondering who you are. Well so are we. Which colours will look fantastic against your skin colour, which shape of clothes suit your body shape and what is your personal Style Code? Don’t worry about not liking what you experience, because it is you who ultimately agrees your colours, style and code.

By being authentic in the way you dress, you will find the space where the world believes you and you believe yourself.  This is where you have the confidence to take yourself seriously so that others take you seriously too. It is here that you open yourself up to unimaginable opportunities and live a life which is true to your essence.

We know you will be motivated by what you find about yourself and by the compliments you will receive. That is because we too have come a long way from our early days of trial and error.  We have climbed out of a hole of having wardrobe of clothes and very little to feel amazing in.

Our warmest wishes to you.