A corporate brand extends beyond the printed page and logo, it is the embodiment of the company ethos and aspirations. It is the experience your clients have with your product and your staff – it’s about ‘living the brand’.

Honouring the companies corporate branding and meeting their specific image needs, whilst inspiring and treating staff to a personal image development, makes up the cornerstone to our bespoke consultation.

We boast a broad range of image services such as team building programmes, one to one consultations, presentation skills and general business etiquette. Our professional corporate teams are competent and well qualified in their fields of expertise. Whether you have a small company or large, we will tailor this service to your requirements.

‘The Style Alchemist helped me find the right balance of make-up, clothes and grooming to suit my lifestyle. With four children, a busy family life and a business to run, getting it right all the time was not easy.

The consultants at TSA worked with me to ensure that the look I wanted was easy to achieve. We looked at my shape and colour tones and for the first time I had a set of guidelines to go by, which made shopping a lot easier (this was something I hated often leaving it to the last minute).

I then had make-up lessons and finally a consultant came to my house and cleared out my wardrobe so that even as a ‘Mum’ messing about in the garden with the children and dog, I could never slip back into baggy, unflattering and frumpy clothes again!

At Expand Coaching we enable our clients to access their potential, to apply it effectively, to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. Just as fitness referrals have become part of the norm when working with individuals, so too has image consultancy. I will often ask Lynne and her team to see clients of mine in order to improve the impact they have visually.’

– Dara McCann, Expand Coaching