A personal image consultant can work for both individuals and small groups of 2-3 people to share. Lynne will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Image Experience

Our one to one consultation will focus just on you. We want you to feel fabulous, empowered, confident and armed with the necessary tools to own your personal style.

  • Inspire your wardrobe by discovering your style personality
  • Focus on the science behind wearing your colours
  • Learn the art of choosing clothes to suit your body shape
  • Apply make-up to enhance you
  • Experience the pleasure of successful and rewarding shopping
  • Embrace the wardrobe prune and create a working wardrobe
  • Tell us what you need and we will help you achieve it.

‘After my session with Lynne I came out feeling me again. Back to being a woman rather than a wife and mother and someone who just got up and did everything.’
– Francesca Goodie

‘I now have a framework, which is absolutely a 100% recipe for success. I always get positive comments when I wear the right colours.’
– Louise Briant

‘She did wonders for me. I can’t believe how the world of colour opened up for me and the fun and confidence derived from it. My wardrobe has changed completely and so did my outlook on life.’
– Rosie Stent

Home visits and venues of your choice can be arranged but conditions apply.

The Sharing Experience

Why not invite friends and family to share this experience with you? Jane and Kate shared a session. The following weekend they went to New York to buy a special dress for Jane.

‘Following the great advice I was given I have bought my entire wedding outfit and those who have seen it say it is absolutely stunning. My partner has also made comments about how groovy I look.’
– Jane Parslow

‘Having my image and style done has stopped me from buying crap. I even think about spending £5 on a sale t-shirt. I have saved so much money. Also more of the purchases I take home I wear.’
– Kate Banbrook

To book your session or request more information please contact Lynne via lynne@thestylealchemist.com or give the studio a call on 0845 644 8805.