Graduate Support

For Graduates of The Style Alchemist Academy

We offer our graduates the opportunity to connect and develop your business and stay updated with the latest events.

Join us for an Inspirational Day

Joining us for an Inspirational Day gives you exclusive access to a network of consultants who are willing to share their knowledge. They provide the opportunity for image consultants to get together, exchange views, answer queries and learn something new. The days are £25 and run from 9.30-12.45pm. We have a bring and share lunch for those who wish to stay to network.

Annual Summer Party for Graduates 

Every year in June we hold our Annual Summer Party for all our graduates at The Style Alchemist and honorary guests who have supported our work. Invitations are issued personally to all consultants.

Access our Mentoring Programme

Within the foundation course all trainees have access to up to tutor support over and above your training time. We want your business to grow and flourish as you move forwards. By providing accountability and inspiration we are committed to moving you onto the next level.

Connect Online via Social Media

We have a dedicated facebook forum for all members of The Style Alchemist Alumni where you can ask questions and share with other consultants. You can also find us on twitter where we will be happy to connect with you also.