Marsala: The colour of 2015

There are not many words where we can honestly say that we can eat it, smell it and wear it and that they each have the potential of giving us a great sense of relaxation and enjoyment. Interesting don’t you think?

Marsala is an excellent fortified wine which originates from Sicily in Italy. It is used for drinking and also for culinary purposes in dishes such as Chicken Marsala. On the other hand Marsala, or Garam Marsala is a blend of spices which originated in the north of India for the purpose of warming up the body. The spices used have spread worldwide and depending on the mix have given us wonderful dishes such as Tikka Marsala and Rogan Josh. You can see a snapshot of the spices that go into Marsala to the right.

Marsala, as in clothing colour, like the spice and wine it is soft, subtle, warming and seductive. It has been related by Pantone as a “tasteful hue that embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal” and “being complex, hearty and full bodied”. It’s red brown colour is both a grounding natural earthy tone as well as having an air of dramatic sophistication, especially with different textures such as a matt versus satin. It is a colour that will suit many skin tones because the brown and red undertones giving it both coolness and warmth. It is a colour with huge versatility in that it could be included into your home furnishings and as a lipstick or nail polish on your beauty tray.

Give this a little thought: when cooking we use individual ingredients to create something better when they combined together. The same goes for our clothes. Marsala looks wonderful as a block of colour, however when it is textured into a fabric or added into a  partnership with other colours it has the potential of becoming greater then the sum of the parts.

  • What basic colours in your wardrobe would offer Marsala the rights to full partnership?
  • How could you add it as a minimum additional or accent colour?
  • What items will you consider purchasing in Marsala and why?

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