Costelloe, Canapés & Champagne

My job, because of its title, seems to bring with it opportunities to amazing places and wonderful events. But this event was a night I won’t forget.

Five years ago a client invited me to go with her to the Paul Costelloe Open Shop evening in Marlow. It was the champagne and canapés that attracted me.

Paul Costelloe was there in person which was a great surprise. He came straight up to me and greeted me with a kiss, welcoming me into his shop.

Throughout the evening he made sure his presence was known to all his guests. But then something quite unexpected happened. He himself “dressed and undressed me” in a range of his jackets. He tied bows around my waist and did up my buttons. At first I felt a little embarrassed but he seemed so comfortable in his actions. I felt flattered when he said “I love dressing pretty women”. The experience felt surreal – a kind of funny tingling of unreality run up and down my body. The sales assistant said to me, “I think he would like to take you home with him”.

I suppose, Image Consultant or not, as one gets older one does not expect the pampering one had in one’s youth. He charmed me, made me feel young again…almost a girl.

My 55 year old body skipped home that night. I felt gorgeous!


Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe

Dublin born Paul Costelloe is one of the most established names in British Fashion. He has a strong sense of style and the desire to create wearable designs with a fresh feel, it is easy to see why Paul Costelloe has been the head of such a successful label for over 30 years.

Paul Costelloe 02Paul learnt most about fashion in the 1960’s by living in Paris in the era of Ungaro and Cardin. He became a designer with Marks & Spencer and was sent to train in Milan. After working in New York and Philadelphia be created his own label and in 1994 his established opened its flagship store  in the heart of Knightsbridge. He has presented his Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter catwalk collections at London Fashion Week every season for the last 15 years, and has opened the week 6 times due to the consistent flare his shows bring. 

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