Experiencing Your Journey




EXPERIENCE A JOURNEY! Based across 3 whole sessions, we will work together to find out about you and what you want to achieve. This journey is based around you, tailored to your needs.

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

Together, we will learn as much as we can about you, your personal preferences, your lifestyle, what you hope to achieve etc. You will leave with a clear understanding of the pathway to be taken to achieve your outcomes. You will be given homework to complete in preparation for our second session together.

Style Advice (2-3 hours)

During our time together we will commence the practical part of the image consultation, which may include for example colour and body shape, but equally may include wardrobe planning, shopping etc.
You will leave with homework to achieve by the next session.

Wardrobe Application (2-3 hours)

Together we will work on what you need to stop doing, what action you need to take and what you need to continue doing. This session is all about the finishing touched and setting you up to succeed in the goals you set yourself in the first session.

– The journey can vary between one another. But we want to get the best out of this, so we made it so it is based on each individual. This session is priced at £75 per hour.