Online Colour Analysis Course


Colour Analysis module with
10 online learning sections.
Applied learning &
continuous assessment

Tutors: Lynne Nicoll FFIPI,
Hannah Jean MFIPI



The Colour Analysis module is made up of ten online learning sections. Each section involves learning, application, demonstration and assessment. The course includes online interaction with tutors, fellow students and comprehensive feedback on all assessments.

The sections include:

1) Setting the Scene
2) Understanding Colour – what’s it all about?
3) The Style Alchemist method
4) Draping the Client
5) Methods of Analysis – Seasonal
6) Methods of Analysis – Tonal
7) Finishing Touches
8) Completing the Consultation
9) Putting it all Together
10) Final Assessment

All material for the course is based on the FIPI and City & Guilds criteria for Colour Analysis. The price includes all the colour analysis equipment needed as a colour consultant:

124 x colour drapes and corresponding clips
3 x drape display stands
4 x initial swatches
1 x colour spectrum chart
1 x headband
1 x white cape for draping

It also included delivery costs for your material anywhere in the world.

Please contact for any queries.