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Accredited Courses – Colour Analysis

Our online Colour Analysis course is the first in the world to be accredited by both FIPI and City & Guilds. The course includes ten modules which include both video and a variety of learning methods to suit your learning needs. Online tutor support is available throughout the course.

Modules include:

1. Setting the Scene
2. Understanding Colour – what’s it all about?
3. The Style Alchemist method
4. Draping the Client
5. Methods of Analysis – Seasonal
6. Methods of Analysis – Tonal
7. Finishing Touches
8. Completing the Consultation
9. Putting it all Together
10. Final Assessment

The course could be completed over the course of three months, depending on your commitment and study time available. We would recommend setting aside 4-8 hours a week for your study time.

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More Courses Coming Soon  

– Skin care and Make-up
– Style Analysis for Women
– Style Analysis for Men
– Wardrobe Management
– Personal Shopping

Watch this space for more details!